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Our ability to design, source and supply fixtures and building components that properly comply with updated regulations while meeting stringent budgets during the design stage of the project separates us from being just another fixture supplier. We work with EC’s, GC’s, Developers and Designers to formulate lighting design and fixture packages that are budget friendly, trend savvy, designer approved and energy efficient with outstanding service from start to finish.


Fixture Distribution
V.E. Design & Sourcing
MRO, Com-Checks, Photometrics
Lighting Plan Design


  • Design

    We believe that all projects are not created equal. We offer project specific lighting plan design and lighting plan review services for efficiency and code compliance. We also design fixtures to meet lighting plan criteria while satisfying the designers selections at a reduced cost. We are committed to providing excellent service with quality products before, during and after your project.

  • Source

    We have alliances with lighting manufacturers around the world. Through our partnerships, we source the manufacturer that best suits your project based on the lighting plan configuration and product design we’ve helped you create. Our manufacturers have a proven track record of performance in the manufacturing facility and in the field. Our manufacturing facilities have quality control processes in place to ensure your projects success.

  • Supply

    We have spent the last year refining our procedures, software and space to be confident when we give you a delivery date. We aren’t perfect but we’re working towards perfection daily. We believe in communication and our phones are answered from the President down to our Delivery Coordinator. Our commitment is to deliver your product on time and under budget every time.


Orlando Rodriguez
Warehouse Manager
Barry Howard
Design Engineer
Tyler Rodriquez
Project Manager
Patrick Pyka
Purchasing & Delivery
Margy Pyka
Project Manager
Richard Anderson
John Anderson

The on AAL

  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with the All Around Lighting group for over a dozen years on over 40 projects nationwide. ...I’ve never had any problems with AAL – they are on top of their game!
    Kelly Brown
    Accounting | NRP
  • Having worked in multi-family construction in the San Antonio, TX area for the last 10 plus years, I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with AAL on many, many, many of our projects and I can honestly say that AAL is a top notch supplier of lighting products!
    Laura Bali
    Senior Construction Coordinator | NRP
  • All Around Lighting has supplied the light fixtures on most of our projects we’ve done over the last 5 years I’ve been with Concept Builders. Their service is top notch and they supply quality fixtures. I would recommend them to all contractors needing light fixtures.
    Lee Elley
    Concept General Contracting